Friday, July 31, 2009

The leaders of the four non-Communist parties meet for lunch

Unimedia and Stirea Zilei write that leaders from the four non-Communist countries that gained seats in Parliament on July 29 met for lunch today. ProTV tried to obtain some statements about the meeting, but only managed to get confirmation that it happened from Mihai Ghimpu, Liberal Party head.

In the meantime, Party of Communists head and acting President Vladimir Voronin is quoted by Noutati Moldova as saying that his party could switch to "responsible opposition."

Final election results

Turnout - 58.8%

Party of Communists: 706,732 votes (44.69%) - 48 seats
Christian Democratic People's Party: 30,236 votes (1.91%) - 0 seats
Moldova Noastra [Our Moldova] Alliance: 116,194 votes (7.35%) - 7 seats
Liberal Party: 232,108 votes (14.68%) - 15 seats
Liberal Democratic Party: 262,028 votes (16.57%) - 18 seats
Democratic Party: 198,268 votes (12.54%) - 13 seats
Social Democratic Party: 29,434 votes (1.86%) - 0 seats
Alianta Verde [Green Alliance]: 6,517 votes (0.41%) - 0 seats.

52 seats are necessary to form the Government.

61 seats are necessary to elect a President.

The four opposition parties have announced that they will be negotiating a coalition since they have 53 seats combined. It is unclear what will happen during the Presidential election since neither the Communists nor the opposition have 61 seats.

Moldovan elections in foreign media

A few interesting articles about the outcome of Moldovan elections and the country's political future:

The Globe and Mail - The East is Less Red

Telegraph - Moldovan Communist Party Loses Power

Times - Ash Heap of History

America's National Public Radio - Communist Rout Puts Spotlight on Obscure Moldova

Democratic Party head Marian Lupu wants "largest possible coalition," refuses bi-lateral agreement with Party of Communists

Marian Lupu was Speaker between 2005 and 2009, and is a former member of the Party of Communists. He recently joined the Democratic Party, which he led during the July 29 elections. The Democratic Party will have 13 seats in the next legislature. Mr. Lupu made a series of statements during a press conference today setting up his foreign and domestic policy priorities. Imedia compiled a few excerpts of statements he made in English:

"Recently, a couple of weeks ago, the Democratic Party launched a conceptual paper regarding its position about the priorities of the foreign policy of Moldova. We have indicated three major issues within that conceptual approach. First, the integration of Moldova. That means the development and application here in the country of what I call European values, European standards and norms, in different functional systems: political, democratic, economic, and social, because those standards represent models for the future development of our state. According to my vision, there are no alternatives to the current EU models. They should be applied here, in Moldova.

During the next couple of years, our intention is to implement all the necessary measures for deblocking the possibility to start negotiations on the new association agreement with the European Union. That will, we guess, allow us to get an asymmetric free trade regime with EU member states, which is extremely important for my country because we have an export-oriented economy. Secondly, we need to deal with another, very sensitive, issue - the visa regime for Moldovans going to Europe.

Another priority is the normalization of our relations with our neighbors, both Ukraine and Romania.

Last but not least, we want to stress the development of a strategic partnership with our traditional Eastern partners - the Russian Federation and Moldova's activity in the frame of the Commonwealth of Independent States. We are there to attend to the economic and trade dimension.

This will result in a very balanced, very reasonable, and very intelligent foreign policy that should be developed by Moldovan authorities.

In terms of alliances, we think that the best formula is to work on the largest possible coalition because the political situation is extremely difficult, and the only way to overcome the political blockage is to negotiate hard. But there are no alternative ways for setting up such a coalition. This is the best way for solving political problems, for reinstalling stability in Moldova, ensuring the necessary radical changes in the democratic, political, social, and economic sectors, and for tackling the very difficult problems of the economic crisis in this country."

Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, releases statement on Moldova

“Observers have claimed that Moldova is a victim of its geography, caught between European and Russian “spheres of influence”. I believe Moldova’s geography can be its strength; with cooperation and determined effort, Moldova can and should be a bridge between Central and Eastern Europe.”

Full statement here

Update: 99.9 percent of ballots counted, seat distribution largely unchanged

Communists - 44.75% (48 seats)
Liberals - 14.62% (15 seats)
Liberal Democrats - 16.55% (18 seats)
Democratic Party - 12.55% (13 seats)
Moldova Noastra - 7.35% (7 seats).

Observers disagree about fairness of elections

The Coalitia 2009 Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections says the July 29 elections were only "partially free" because of problems like the inability of Transnistrian inhabitants to vote, the "massive" use of administrative resources and the manipulation of public opinion via mass media.

On the other hand, observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States that the July 29 elections were democratic, but noted that the last stages of the campaign were more aggressive.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

99.8 percent of ballots counted, Communists: 48 seats, four opposition parties: 53 seats

CHIŞINĂU (Imedia) – Five parties crossed the five-percent threshold during the July 29 parliamentary election to gain seats in the next legislature.

With 99.8 percent of ballots counted, the Party of Communists (PC) accrued 44.76 percent of the vote (48 seats out of 101). The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won 16,55 percent (18 seats), followed by the Liberal Party (LP) – 14,61 percent (15 seats), the Democratic Party (DP) – 12,55 percent (13 seats), and the Moldova Noastra [Our Moldova] Allianca (MNA) – 7,35 percent (8 seats).

Please see for detailed data on every single polling station. also has good updates.


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