Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prosecutors open criminal investiation into another protester death in April 2009

The General Prosecutor's (GP) office has announced that it has opened a criminal investigation into the death of Ion Tibuleac, an anti-Communist protester who was allegedly killed by police forces on April 7, 2009 or during that period.

Thus far, authorities have only investigated one other death - that of Valeriu Boboc - and have detained one police officer suspected of killing him.

The GP has emphasized that two other deaths suspected to have been related to the April repression occurred in March 2009.

JurnalTV has, however, recently released a report in which the father of a 31-year-old man said his son had been severely beaten by the police while in custody after April 7 and died two months later from related complications. Authorities have not yet reacted to this report.

It is unclear how many other cases like these will emerge, since many relatives of beaten protesters are afraid to file charges against police officers.

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